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11 Years, 7 Months, 11 Days, 23 Hours, 58 Minutes

[edit2] The PDF trilogy is available now for $20 USD.

This took a week to put together because I found out all the speech bubbles in volume 2 were messed up somehow. Since I was in there fixing stuff anyway I slightly edited the art of v2 and v3. Some mistakes remain and I didn’t clean up the sketchy pages at all but it’s slightly less ugly now.

It’s done. I finished two weeks ago.

Thank you to the ten (we’ve increased from my previous guess of five) people still reading. I’ve received many sweet comments (and friends!) throughout this journey and I really appreciate them all. Clearly my heart was not in it the last few years but I’m glad to have stubbornly seen it through to the end. I do love these stupid characters but most of all I wanted to give readers closure.

Seven people voted for books. I’m extremely sorry but that is short of the minimum number that would justify putting myself through the torture. No print books. [edit] BUT there will be a PDF e-book bundle that will include volume 1′s bonus content as well as the front covers I started for the other two books. Triffid just gave me this idea so it might take a few days. I’ll stick a link here when I’m done and it’ll be up on my shop.

If you just want to give me your hard earned money for absolutely nothing in return I will totally take it. Another great way to throw your money in the trash is to buy my remaining stock of volume 1 that will never receive trilogy counterparts. Perhaps you could use the worthless pages as toilet paper or burn them in effigy?

I’ll let the domain lapse next year but you’ll be able to continue accessing the site via

I guess that’s it. Peace.

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