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I must confess that in 19 years of using toilets, I’ve never seen a urinal that you can flush. So, this is magnificent!

You guys have never seen a flushing urinal? Man that’s weird. (I guess it could be me, since I’m an american but man) That’s the only type of urinal I ever saw until like late 90s when the sensor ones started cropping up.

Well, I haven’t even used then but I still have seen some that flush. I’m not sure if I want to remember how exactly is it possible that I could see them… 0o

Anyway, what catches the attention here is the hair on the last panel. I want to touch them…

I think the hair looks a little too greasy here… I wouldnt want to touch it.

and flushable urinals are better as they are nowadays with semi-automatic sensor flushers.
It’s just way cleaner that way with less bacteria that a user could get onto himself while touching it. It’s a fact that 70% of all those who use a toilet (women as well) dont wash their hands afterwards – which is just gross.

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