I am really enjoying this comic. I posted a response to the poll a couple weeks ago and was VERY surprised to find that I am an *extreme* minority in the 26+ age group! This comic shows a very mature ability and strong grasp of artistic styling and I am very jealous of your talent :-) Keep it up!

The results are more or less what I expected, but I am flattered that it can still appeal to an older audience seeing as how I barely make it out of the 16+ group. :) Thank you so much for the feedback.

Count me as another reader, one so far beyond the 26+ mark I ain’t saying. I have followed and appreciated good graphic story-telling for many years and this one is among the best – almost expressionistic in its art and economical, even downright lean, in its storytelling. You have an uncommon ability to show the story rather than telling it, and in your hands everything works together. I can’t imagine why people of “a longer perspective” haven’t found this artful story of yours. As Katy said – keep it up!

you are only 18?!? Oo
almost makes me jealous, being 3 years older myself and not having such a great comic yet.

dang! I really should look at the personal info more often…
at least that explains why there are mostly good looking guys all over the comic.

Alice is 18? dayum, I was expecting someone at least in their late 20′s, this comic shows a lot of maturity and thought.

This is so amazing. Just saying. The art, the story, it’s got so much depth; it’s at the level of professional or better. Good job. I love what you do with the silhouettes and the black and white shading. It’s fantastic.

This is my one comment, I shall probably enjoy the rest of the comic without saying anything because I’ll be too entranced by it.

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