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I made whimpering sounds.
Dude. This comic is drawing the biggest emotional reaction compared to the, what, 80 others I watch.
I love the style, I love the flashes of colour, I love the characters and jeez. You’re freaking awesome.

Many people fav comics they see on OC and that look interesting, in order to remember to read them sooner or later… I really don’t know why they don’t just bookmark them instead; perhaps they just want to keep their bookmarks clean. Anyway, as much as it never ceases to surprise me when I hear someone doing it, people fav a comic… then read it some days later, don’t like it and de-fav it. it’s quite simple, in the end :)
As long as your comic keeps growing in fanbase, sudden plummetings shouldn’t bother you much, it’s just a side effect of OC-browsing :)

I guess some updates are more exciting than others. ;) You’re probably getting hits on the web site, right? (About half of them are probably mine…0.0;). Summer vacation probably has a lot to do with it in the U.S. (My excuse is that Changeling the Lost got a preview demo)

Anyway, so far this story seems really good. I love the characters already and I can see the influence of characters from your previous comic. I just wish we got 5 pages a week…too bad you have to have a real job.

Rush: I remember someone of the same or similar name flaming me once. You’re like the complete opposite. It is awesome. It would be even more awesome if you were also the person who flamed me because it was the best flame ever.

Enora: I’m not bothered, Enora. I just wonder since I am not the only one to have experienced it. That makes sense, I suppose. :) Thanks for shedding some light.

Mythophile: Since I’m freelancing right now I probably could update daily, but a time would come when I had a bigger job and I’d run out of pages and everyone would burn me at the stake and that doesn’t sound like a very fun experience.

One of those comics that you’re just REALLY glad you stumbled upon. Crisp and dashing artwork, very well written and well paced with some engaging characters and interesting development. I’m looking forward to the future of Two Rooks! ^^

I love your comic so much, I know it only updates monday and friday, but I seem to be unable to stop myself from coming by to check, you know, just in case. It’s sad but true, I’m so addicted. *wants Deatoura and Juniper to suck face now, yes* Even if it doesn’t happen in the comic, I can dream… TTATT

PSY has it right in the complete. it seems to me that I am ever so lucky in the things I stumble across–like this. I looove this page here.

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