But I LIKE his accent. I live in a really shitty part of Connecticut and all of us here seem to have an accent, because everyone I’ve met from out of state ask us to slow down or repeat ourselves a good number of times, And it is sort of a bullshit accent because who would believe the Getto of Connecticut has an accent…

Well I’m from Scotland, however an American girl who moved over last year is going out with my little brother and her family are always asking us to slow down when we talk. Apparently we are notorious for it. I love the Irish accent too, especially on the ladies.

I love this page. I’m dying to know in what circumstances he left the group before.
Sorry to nitpick though, but Dea’s missing his scar on the bottom left panel ^.^;;

Oh geez, don’t get me started on my Texan accent. I slip and say “ya’ll” and I become a laughing stock.

i love the use of subtle coloring in your comic, using that to highlight the character’s most unique attribute. very smart there.

I hear you about the Texas accent, Jasmine. Bet you say “fixin’ to” also — lol! Got snagged by another Sage comix and decided to see if any of their others were as good as the one that captured my attention — yours is the second one I checked out, and so far I’m two for two– The black/white/red color scheme gives it an Art Decco feel. I like the graphic style of the figure drawing and the way you use white space to focus attention for dramatic effect — coloring in all the black, though, must get time consuming, — not to mention ink-consuming. . . but when you put that splash of red, it draws the eye like a magnet. *Sighs* Hooked on another one. . . .!

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