I really like the way you are working in Juniper and Deatoura’s relationship – the way they act toward one another, you can tell they really care about each other, but it is just destined to be a heartbreak a-happenin’ because of circumstances tearing them apart. Very tragic, yet very natural based upon the world in which they live. And very matter-of-fact, as Melii mentioned, as it should be. I agree that love should not be bound into gender roles but based upon the way that souls react to one another. Love the way today’s page looks – it’s just gorgeous.


This here picture-book is absolutely fantastic. I love it so. Being Irish, I agree with Juniper about the accent. Fake.

Anyway, you have a very, very good thing going on here… What Katy said.

You have captured the tragic complications of love that we have all experienced through our life, something that is not very easy to do.

Oh I just noticed the subtle placing of Dea’s hand on Junipers waist. Nice touch. ^^

and this page makes me think that if I were gay my life and I would make a great comic…

plus: I DO have that hair! xD


I love the style. Well, I love everything about this comic, but the art style, yeah, totally the kicker. UGH, it’s just so bloody good. There’s an extraordinary quality to this webcomic that is distinctly lacking from about >99% of WCs out there. It’s so refreshing to see actual plot and art.

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