I found this comic on accident, though I’m not exactly sure how I could have possibly missed it! It’s got fantastic art, wonderful characters and an interesting plot. Not to mention, your style is all kinds of awesome. I may or may not have seen you elsewhere- I didn’t bother to check, so you may be some amazing artist from dA that I watch that I will probably never actually talk to, but whatever. :3

I would like to mention though, I use a 14.1″ laptop and a fairly large screen resolution, but I still have a lot of trouble reading some of the dialogue. Is there a reason you use such small copies, and if not could you remedy that? ^___^;

I’m afraid that would be too much trouble. I’d have to redo the layouts as well as the entire archive. There haven’t been complaints before and I have pretty poor vision myself, sorry. :(

for some reason whenever I read your comic I wish I was a webcomic character. It would make me feel pretty because then blue eyes and expressions mean something…

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.