haha, love the last panel!!! he just looks like some dude at a pub smokin his fag., love the total apathetic feel here! ^_____________________^

Heh, gotta love Dea. “Dum dee dee, I just killed some folks before they could kill me. I think I’ll just have me some smokes now.”

Wah. I want him to escape laters and have found some way to be with Juniper. >_

Competely agree. How funny. “Hmm, just killed some people. Darn it, I left my coffee at home. Did I remember to tape that one show?” or some such. Heehee.

I’m waiting to see if Dea keeps tabs or has some sort of habit of asking forgiveness for the various people he kills – once he’s done with the job of course, no use breaking down right then and there.

Professional or not only sociopaths don’t feel bad about painting with someone.

Then again the only people he’s killed so far are not only his enemy but (orphan quotes) “bad guys” in his mind. Maybe he just won’t care because he’s done what’s right and necessary – ticked away a bit at the imbalance of power.

It’s also possible that he does feel some remorse. The cigarette might be a way to unwind after that. I do think that the whole scene is supposed to have a very casual feel, and it does, but his eyes /are/ also hooded in that last panel. So there may be something about that.

Still, you must admit that it’s very bad ass. XD

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