er god what movie is that like…Minority Report! the main characters wife steals some blokes eyes and gets into a building that way. Have to say mega gross.

On a side note, that is so much more realistic and wonderful than the old lame movie excuse of making fancy contact lenses to bypass retinal scanners. Just kill the bugger and steal his eyes! Cheaper too. XD

Heh everyone’s double posting.

nerd_brain: Maybe. ;)

Mythophile: Eon? No. His eye is a completely different story and happened a long time ago before Haven was open. These three were just low ranking sweepers.

Hannah: I vaguely remember that movie. I love nasty shit like that. Yes, I am quietly available for commissions right now. E-mail me if you’re interested.

S.N.O.W.panda: This has its complications as well. Killing someone who can unlock scanners means that they were the least bit important. Not a very slick way to get around but definitely the easiest. :P

I’ve always wondered, in the process of gouging out an eye with your fingers, wouldn’t you risk damaging it too much for the retina scan? I imagine it’s not that easy to squeeze your finger around and behind the eyeball in order to pull it out. Wouldn’t it be easier to just hold up her head in front of the machine? Quicker, too, and less gooey. Blood is sticky, and sticky fingers are annoying.

Don’t ask why I’ve thought of that prior to reading this. I have no clue either (-_-);

That is what I first considered but he has five other eyes he could have tried it with if he had gotten it wrong. In the end I thought this would just be a hell of a lot more fun to draw than dragging a dead body across the floor and just lifting the head up.

Besides, like nerd said…he probably had practice.

But dragging the body could have proved rather comical, and he wouldn’t have to get his fingers all gooey. Agreed though, it is probably less effort to just take one eyeball. I still think killing them isn’t too bad an idea, at least on the lower levels. Dead guards don’t trigger alarms, well, not until the body is found at least.

It comes to mind suddenly that all of us may not be the most normal sounding to observers, what with discussing eyeball popping and sticky fingers so casually, lol.

. . . HAHAHAHA! The artwork is great. The conversation is great . . . er. There IS something wrong such a coversation. I think. Woo.

What I find most amusing is the biggest concern you have with this situation are gooey fingers.

“My fingers are gooey. I cannot deal with this until my hands are properly clean. I wonder if they have napkins somewhere. A bathroom, maybe. I could wash off my hands in a bathroom. I need to pee, too. I shouldn’t have had that soda before I left. God, I want a burrito. Soda goes so well with burritos but I can’t very well eat them with gooey fingers… Even more reason to find that fucking bathroom. Fucking blood on my shoes. WHERE’S A FUCKING TOWEL?”

Haha, yes, sticky fingers bug the hell outta me. I can’t do anything if my fingers are sticky with something, it’s like having your shoes sticking to the floor of a movie theatre. I imagine having eyeball goo on your fingers and blood sticky shoes would be rather distracting from the task at hand if you were trying to be stealthy. *begins wondering if Dea carries around a little packet of moist towelettes*

It smells pretty bad too X_X I skipped science class in highschool the day we had to do the eyeball lab, went to Literature and learned about drugs and murderous poets instead. The classroom still smelled of eyeballs the day after though, made me quite ill.

It rubs the Purell on its skin or else it gets the soap again…

Squish. OMG now my head is assimilating squishing noises..aaargh imagination stop it!
That is both at once the most hilarious and grossest thing I’ve experienced in my life..I feel like I should scrub MY eyeballs..but I feel that if I tried I’d start laughing too much..maniacally.

AWESOME page, though. I like how bored Dea looks bored. Like, “Sigh. This is always the most borng part of missions like this.” at least that’d explain why he seems so good at it..doesn’t completely destroy the eyeball or anything..he’s GOOD at it, which..I guess is probably how he’s so casual about it.
*will stop stating the obvious now*

hahha Paranoia!

-I like how bored Dea looks bored. Like, “Sigh. This is always the most borng part of missions like this.-

awesome. AHAHA.

Eww! Dude! That was so…SO…gross! And yet I can’t say that wasn’t cool…….should I get perfessional help…..

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