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Hehe. Dea’s not even surprised to walk into a room and have a gun suddenly in his face.
“Oh, there’s that thing I was lookin’ for.”
As horrible as this thought of mine was, when I saw Dea on the first box it reminded me of that last Cher album..the bright pink one..where her features are faded into white..
Dea being compared to Cher..O_T
*bad thoughts*

Neat page-ness, yus.

I take it back – maybe he is twitched. I mean, he did sign up for a suicide mission, but that mission had some importance to him – getting put down before the last scene seems like a waste and yet no reaction.

Or maybe a lot of guns are pointed at you on your way to the top of a criminal syndicate. That’s one to consider.

Now I just want to know more backstory.

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