Ooh, Dea’s got a pretty angry face.
Yes, that line always works. *nods*
Dea’s got a funny concept of friends, I think. They wants to kill him O_O maybe Dea’s not the angry one…maybe his friends are the angry ones.

where Dea is saying “I need the weapon…” he’s missing his tattoo, also the commission e-mail thing could you get back to me again of would you like me to re-send you?

everyone’s said it already, but golly, his face in the bottom just kills me. It’s so cool. I feel illiterate talking on here…because all I can think of are words like ‘cool’ and ‘badass’….ugh.

New reader…and gotta say… i LOVE it so far. It’s really interesting to follow and the coloring you use is fab!!! Just a question…isn’t Dea’s tattoo missing in the second left panel, or is it supposed to be like that?

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