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*giggles slightly at Hannah’s comment*
They dance so prettily too.

I think Dea is saying “Shit”, ’cause the word’s near his head..and the other dude kinda has a hold of his wrist when before he didn’t…which leads me to believe Dea’s in trouble! O_O
*brains explodes from the paradox*

I think they’re about to fall. Or Dea is about to be pulled to the ground. which wouldn’t be very much fun for him.

I retract my “Oh no” in that case.

Yay, fall boys! Maybe that’s why Dea looks strangely happy despite the fact we think he said “Shit”. He’s thinking, “Well, at least I get to fall over a pretty boy.” And the other guy’s grimacing because his plan to grab Dea and hurt him won’t work…and he knows they’re soon to become a guy pile.

Again I’ll say it: Yay!

That last panel still makes me want to shout “everybody dance!”

I can imagine Dea trying to get Juni to dance actually, and it makes me smile. Juni probably has two left feet *pictures Dea teasing him for having terrible dance skills*

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