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ah, that’s that question answered :)

so unless this is set way in the future and dea killed juniper him and larch were partners. heh. I really should have done my second reading before asking the question (although the question provided Valuble Insight which is always good)

Ok, here’s the thing….it’s getting a bit late for me right now, so everything i read is getting confussing for me (the sign i better leave the rest after a good night rest ^^) and i was wondering “Who was Larch again?? Can’t remember seeing him earlier @_@” So i look in the cast list and his face still doesn’t ring the bell in my head, but one other detail….BORN IN Dresden Germany??? OMG how did you come up with that idea? That’s where i’m from, and believe me when i say that usually people wouldn’t even know it exists. Makes me feel all fluffy now (ignoring fact that he’s actually dead…)

I would like to give you a more profound answer than “I like the Dresden Dolls,” but alas. Its WWII past does hold some significance to Larch’s character but that wasn’t really the reason I picked it.

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