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Sometimes i feel like i don’t understand A THING they’re talking about. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way, or the fact that english is not my first language, or i’m just downright silly… but i’m a little lost here…


There is a LOT of backstory and it’s going to take some time to get through it. Instead of explaining it all in one really long, complex and boring scene when it may as well be its own story (and might be some day), it will come piece by piece. So yeah don’t worry, you should feel a bit confused about a few things right now but answers will come and it will all be tied together eventually. Promise! :)

Don’t feel bad, Iluvenis I am completely confused, too, and have been from the start. Probably when it starts to make a little bit of sense, I’ll go back and re-read from the start and hope that all the pieces fall into place :-)

Thank you! You’re so nice.. both!
I appreciate it… i’m not alone i’m my confused mind! hahaha.
Really, now i’m not so worried :)

yeah I felt slightly confused a couple of pages ago, but I went back and read from the beginning. Things are making a lot of sense now. I’m loving this right now :DDDD

That’s part of what I like so much about this comic, it doesn’t try to heap everything on you at once but also doesn’t just cut you out entirely and leap right into things out of nowhere. Instead it gives little snatches here and there, enough to intrigue you into wanting to find out more without revealing the whole plot, and if you read far enough, you find most (if not all) the answers you were looking for. I’m really looking forward to later chapters, this is gonna be fun, mmyes *rubs hands together in a devious manner*

I wonder…
if the dearest of all creators of this comic is some kind of freak…
the answer that I found: HELL YES!

and again I have to confess that it makes me jealous ^^
It just takes a genius to create these characters, put them together for such a plot and let everything come together bit by bit AND then paint the comic as it is.
So I’m truly impressed by all the work put into this and would probably fall on my knees if I ever met her (which I usually dont, trust me).

worst thing about my thoughts here: I dont think Alice will ever read this :(

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