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Had to comment on that boss thing; I work an inbound call center. My direct team leader is super cool – love the guy. However, the floor supervisor and the department managers are pretty much forced to be jerks by the company line – they’ve started firing people for truly ridiculous things. One guy? 2 minutes late. One of the team leads – who had been there FOUR years, and LONGER than either the floor or department managers? He used the word “ass” an in internal e-mail. No escalation, no warning, just *bam* out the door. I’m'a start looking for something new, ’cause I tend to get fired a lot … :-0

I do alot of sitting on babies… If I don’t beat them It’s pretty good, except alot of people tent to be uptight about there little ones and flip out if you farce. Like if your holding the kid, Tripping down the stairs, even though it’s tripping will get you fired. if not dead.

Uhm, I thought that there were some changes in pages back there: the second got shot in the gut but here it’s still head… or did I miss something?

That was number three who stumbled over number two (who we didn’t see killed). I did have to redo that scene so things are a little different now.

I might make that clearer before print…

AH, OK… It’s just I clearly remembered the headshot scene from before as I kinda liked the sequence…

I somehow feel I shouldn’t be admitting that XD

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