I found your website just yesterday and have already read this comic beginning to end. its’ beautiful. Your use of blacks is inspirational as is your use of primary colours.

Your story is intriguing and will continue to follow it with relish. Please keep up the good work.

PS. I like how you used CSS to give readers a choice of themes.

Oh, I love it! Heh. You know there ALWAYS has to be that guy who has about 300 weapons on him and when asked to give them up, after trying to fend off with only the visible ones, ends up leaving a pile nearly as tall as themselves and you’re wondering “where the heck did all that stuff COME from??” *laugh*

I’ve just read your comic from beginning to end and I have to say it’s beautiful. The coloring is lovely and the whole thing’s a real attention grabber. Please continue your wonderful work.

I’m sure there’s some rule against touching a peace keeper but oh how Lyov wishes he could peel Serus’ unflattering coat from his bronze flesh.

I mean…

THAT IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT EVERYONE TO BELIEVE! You know Lyov doesn’t stand out to Serus because of his shirt because Serus always has him on NAKED VISION!

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