Oh wow! I know this is kinda overstated but, I just stumbled upon your comic and not only have I caught up but I absolutely adore it! I really love how you use primarily black and white and just splashes of color, it’s so different from what I’m used to and thus is completely amazing. Not to mention that the art is absolutely wonderful! I love all the characters, all of them have such unique and complex personalities and their relationships are wonderfully woven together and displayed. I’m a bit confused by some of the comments though, it sounds as if there is a pervious comic using these characters or similar ones. This fact intrigues me greatly so I’ll go a-searching for something such now. But I absolutely adore this comic! I totally cannot wait until the next update! Mondays and Fridays, I believe, yes?

~Kit (holy… I write waaay too much sometimes. I blame massive amounts of caffine. ^^; )

Heh! Thanks a lot for the comments.

Yes, the characters are really, really old and from another story entirely. I’ve reused them since, well, I figured they deserved it. The old comic is gone now and won’t be coming back because it was awful (trust me). There is also a prequel which I haven’t released yet. It’s meant to be read after 2R, to tie up some questions about Dea’s past…but I must get through this one before I even consider workin’ on that. :)

I wonder…
I have longer hair myself (actually probably just as long as Deas) and never seem to manage not getting my hair between my back and the jacket I threw over my shoulders. So Dea must have flipped his hair back first then. Wouldnt that be worth a panel?

*drools over the image in his head*

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