This is absolutely stunning. So well paced and written. Look forward to where it goes… and… well….


For the longest time I had trouble hearing Deatoura’s accent in my head when I read (my friend’s dad is Irish, and I live in an area with relatively few Irish people, thus Irish accent = friend’s dad = NOT SEXY. But Dea is soooo sexy! He deserved a sexy mental voice. And then I watched a movie called “Timeline,” in which the character Marek is very sexy indeed. That solved that problem.

ah, the last panel is all cute-like.

on another note, i get these horrible guilty feelings when i read the other comments, because i can never be arsed (or assed, depending on your country of origin) using capital letters. or apostrophes. they just… its just more reaching around the keyboard (lame excuse, i know)(not entirely untrue, though).

T__T oh dea, why won’t you take your pants off already? the fangirls are waiting *wicked eye glintage*

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