“om nom, I’m gonna eat you, knife and all! GRR!!!” ha ha…that’s what I hear Dea saying in the last panel…kind of ruins the drama of the moment though…^^;

that disturbed me more than the popping-eyes out discussion. Now i remember why you should never uncover Dea’s secrets *shivers*
…but on the other hand… does Juniper know about that?

… That is an intriguing thought, and yet still disturbing in its own way. But… somehow… oh.. oh dear god… that… the mental image…! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! *huddles under desk rocking back and forth while crying pitifully*

OHMYGOD!! Juniper has a stronger stomach then i gave him credit for the… the.. Dea…he…um…*sputters and faints*

Ok…I just started reading this and I am hooked. You must have quite an aquarium of readers now. it’s very fluid and the colour is never used too freely. It’s a carefully measured amount and it works wonders.

Congratulations xx

with that nose she must be of french origin…

I wonder if dea salivated while shouting at her.
I wouldnt wash my face after that for weeks xD

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