AUUUGH. AUUGH. That is all I can say to describe the sheer AUGH LOVE LOOOOOVE I am feeling right now. The only thing keeping me from licking my screen is that’s it’s all dusty ;_;.

Your ART and your STORY and your BOYS (AUUUUGH), god damn I am so hooked and I had things to do this afternoon but this was so much more important. Lovelovelovelove forever and ever.

sometimes when I read the comments I feel like the only real guy reading it Oo

btw.: why does that guy (forgot his name, sorry) in panel 3,4 and 5 look exactly like Paris Hilton?
(do search engines show this site too now because I mentioned that name? if yes, thank me for more readers/addicts xD)

A decent handful of men were reading last I checked. One of them said it was the only comic they’d read with gay guys in it.

Not touching the Paris Hilton comment!

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