I think it should be starting to make some sense by now… i feel that lately i’m only reading it because of the great drawings, because nothing in the story makes sense.
I don’t mean to give the hole plot, but… maybe a bit more than hints that don’t actually say anything but confuse stuff even more?
I like the idea of developing the plot as you go, but i truly feel that i don’t know anything more than 100 pages earlier… i’m feeling a bit frustrated.

I don’t want to be disrespectful, please don’t take it that way, i just… wanted to say it, i guess.



Well, maybe you need to read it again, because I’ve been building up to the climax of this book for a while…

What we know: We’re still in the past. Dea is being questioned about the explosion and explained who was behind it (he mentioned Glide, who you have just met) and why (the Suits are in danger of being removed from power). He has picked up an old gun he apparently needs, and we’ve now learned that his main goal is to break Nekytr Reed from jail (who we know is incarcerated for aiding in the assassinations of three of the Haven founders). Meanwhile Serus is after Dea and has apparently already caught up with him in the present.

What we do not know: Why Nekytr or the gun are beneficial and how it will all come together. We only know that Dea has a plan to save the Suits but he ends up getting caught to tell this.

I know with only two updates a week things might get confusing and you forget what’s going on, but I really can’t help that. I also admit this is a more complicated plot than most other webcomics. You have to pay closer attention and pick things apart. Almost everything mentioned is important in some way. I don’t want to hold the reader’s hand and show them everything because that’s not a story to me. They should feel what the characters are feeling and be engaged to ask questions. I want you to look back when things are complete and be like “Ah-ha! I see.” Even if no one does that, I hope they at least know it will all be revealed by the end.

I’ll try to give a good summary of what’s happened so far once this chapter ends, but there are over 600 more pages to go and we’re nowhere near done so you can’t be expected to know everything anyway. If read in one sitting I promise this moves much faster. I’d be sad to see a reader go but I do appreciate your criticism and understand if some people may lose interest because of this.

I agree that during first reading it was confusing, but the second reading makes everything perfectly clear.. to the point where we are of course. I admit I’ve spent my puberty on reading Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie rather then knowing what Spice Girls are doing (guh, it was some time ago XD) so I’m more used to reading between the lines…
But as far as now everything starts to make sense; you could get confused some 40 pages earlier, though.
And this is one of the few webcomics where the introduction to the world (the first pages) didn’t make me yawn or “OMG, a lot of text instead of pictures again”. +100 points for that alone :)
Another 100 for dialogs :D

Hahaha, annoying prologues are actually one of my pet peeves. I broke my own rule because I saw no way around it without adding a bunch of unnecessary/unrealistic scenes that no one wants to see. I figured just ripping it off like a band-aid was the best thing to do. ;)

Right now I’m not really following either, but I’m just sort of going with the flow and waiting for a page that will make me go “OHHH I remember reading something about that in the beginning”, and then I’ll go through it again… cause it was too long ago, I remember the interrogation, Maye finding him, the introduction of the suits, but not any of the details because they didn’t make sense to me at the time. That’s the way I like it though, getting the information just a little before you can put it in context, this way you get the feeling that you’ve got all the pieces and when they come together it will be mind-blowing : P

I honestly don’t see how this is so hard to understand. The way it is set up is actually really simplistic, and it is easy to see when Dea is in the present, since he’s in the room with Serus, and when he’s in the story he’s telling.

Honestly, I feel respected as a reader that everything isn’t just getting handed to me. You do have to put pieces together but it isn’t an impossible puzzle. Maybe you’re confused by the names that are being dropped? Or maybe you’re confused since you’re not reading it all at once, and you can’t remember clues you’ve already read a while ago. Either way, the problem you’re presenting isn’t a technical one, nor do I see it as one on Alice’s end. Honestly this is a lot easier to understand than a lot of fantasy comics you come across with their silly made up places and names and magical bureaucracies…and even then I’m still able to understand and get the jist of what is going on in those stories…Not to be disrespectful but maybe you need an easier comic to read?

[the browser ate rest of my comment 0o]
You made the intro as a comic. Moreover the narration is so well that it could be a beginning of a book, or a movie or even a movie trailer in the cinema. You not only give the necessary information, you already give the right feeling to the story… and it also tells us a bit more about Dea then the words only could show. (the “until me + next page” :D)
In short: You=WIN!

I like Pedes. Pedes says smart and true things. I never disliked or liked prologues particularly. I’ve seen good and bad. But 2R prologue still gives me chills whenever I read it! :O

Just read through all the archives

Woooooo…. I read your old comic and just found this one. I only vaguely remember the first but this one is paced and written much more effectively. I personally don’t have any trouble following the flow of the story- to the contrary it’s pretty natural and I’m more invested in what’s going to happen because I know that it’s going to lead up to a certain point. Also, great intro and dialogue here.

Well, i never expected this.. umm.. trouble.
First off, true, i may not understand everything in the comic, after all, english is not my first language, spanish is. So, that’s why my first comment came out so… umm.. harsh i guess.
Even my language “limitation”, i understand this comic, it’s not that i don’t (please don’t imply that i’m dumb Meli), i just wanted to express my feelings regarding the comic.
I was (and still am i guess), a bit frustrated, because i see that it’s building up to a a great climax, and i feel like i’m losing all the fun just because i haven’t reread the comic.
What i realise based on your reply is that maybe the 2 updates a week is not enough to understand it all in a first read. Heck, maybe it’s a pet peeve of mine, i truly don’t know.
I just think that if you have to reread a comic to understand it, it’s not really cool (for me i guess). BUT! Then you said about the 2 updates a week, and i haven’t taken into account that.
So, said this, i’ll reread and see if i understand all the little details now. And yes, i got the big chunks of plot, but i’m a detail kind of girl, so i like all the prints, cigarettes, stuff like that, so, i want to understand it all.

Being saidall this, i never said the intro of the comic was bad. I actually liked it, it was to the point and graphic but leaving things to the imagination. I never intended to say that the intro was bad… if that’s what it meant, i’m sorry.
Other than that, i like this comic, i never intended to be disrespectful (maybe the language is making me be a bit of a troll). I just wanted you to understand my point of view.
I mean, i wanted my comment to be a helpful or at least constructive critique. I admit, i was tired when i wrote it, so maybe that’s why it’s not really polished. I intended it to be short, to actually talk about it with you.
I wanted to know if you intended to be this way, if you intended to be reread to be understood, or if it’s this way and maybe i don’t understand it fully because of the 2 updates a week. I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t my best… “performance”.
I actually thank you that you answered me so nice, i reread my comment and it is dry.. i’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention.

Anyways, i just wanted a constructive criticism, i think it wasn’t seen this way, but, since i’ve been thinking about this things for a while, i wanted to tell you.
I’m sorry if i was rude.

That’s it, sorry, i won’t bother you again, i promise ^^;

You’re okay, iluvenis. I read your comment as it was meant to be read, no offense was taken.

While I do want there to be some reread potential in the story (the best stories are ones you want to read more than once, after all), I never intended for the reader to miss big things that are important to the plot or advancement. I know how hard it is to follow a story driven comic like this with only two installments a week and yes, that’s probably the main cause of confusion, especially with people who have been reading for a while. So while going back may help you grab stuff you might have missed or forgotten, I didn’t want it to be necessary at all. That’s not very good storytelling. :)

Don’t be afraid to speak up! Criticism is always welcome.

Well, the re-reading part is much due to slow (i mean FAST as for webcomic; this and Honeysyn is the only one you can count on updating from the ones I read… ) pace. (Like ‘I guess there might have been something about it two months ago…) Moreover due to nature of a lot of webcomics (which too often have not too sophisticated narration) some of us tend to browse through them at firsts. And then wohoo, you’re 60 pages into a story and it’s got the NARRATION and the PLOT. AND Ooops, there might have been a lot of a few things you might have missed…
At least that was my case :)

BWAHAHA!! the hilarity – it stings!
… so many of my friends have personalities like glide. now that i think about it… it’s a bit sad that there’s so many of them, actually. meh, more merriment for me! (unintentional illiteration, that)

seeing Glides hair from the back it reminds me of Sonic: the Hedgehog…

in panel 1 dea seems a little… fragile
skinny and somewhat like he’s ducking. The pose just doesnt seem right too.
In comparison to the rest thats not a good picture for itself…

“in other news” I hope to catch up to the newer strips soon, so that I can be a part of the discussions when they are held.

btw.: Alice, your saying “but there are over 600 more pages to go” is making me really jealous because you aready know what happens and everything while all of us readers will have to wait till they are out. But with that information we are able to hope for some more YEARS actually of reading your beautiful story.
And I do look forward to doing so.

Okay, I realize that this is a bit late, but if I don’t say it here I can’t say it at all.

I understood everything on the first read through. I admit that it was the pretty banner on someone’s SmackJeeves page that caught my attention, but it’s the graphic artwork, the engaging, snappy dialogue, and the think-on-your-feet plot that made me a fan. The characters are realistic and three dimensional, their accents discernable, their voices as unique as the world they live in.

All in all, this is probably one of the best webcomics out there. I can’t say it is the best, mostly because I haven’t read every webcomic there is, but this is probably very close to the top anyway.

So, I wasn’t going to comment until I caught up, but I just had to say. “STOP! …Glide’s alfredo sauce.” Cutest. Thing. Ever. It’s so ridiculously adorable, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Loving this comic, it’s incredible. Yeah, I feel a bit lost, but it feels like a good amount of lost–things sliding into place where and when they need to and leaving me with the faith that more will become revealed when necessary. In other words, I like the pacing, but it would be even better if I was holding a copy in my hands so I could easily flip back whenever I went, “Wait, was that the guy who…?” ;)

The noir-style coloring is fabulous. Bold, stunning, and a perfect fit for this comic. Draws the eye to what’s important. Anyway, I love this comic, you’re a talented artist and storyteller, and I look forward to reading more!

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