whoa, see it’s the glasses, even Dea has to summit to awe and silence (it can’t be scepticism if the dude should handle highly unstable explosives next to his food. Hidden there is awe!!… right Alice?) when the craziest cutie who might want to steal your lunch money to blow it up, speaks.

I know the debate truly started upon the last comic update, but i’ll interject here nevertheless. This debate of confusing storylines versus not handing everything to the reader I think misses the point of this truly awesome comic. I confess I sat down and scrolled through the entire archives in one sitting, and enjoyed every stark frame of it. It may have been slightly disorientating, but that’s the essence of this comic’s appeal. After all, it’s the mystery that endures, not the secret. The subtle, svelt and sexy protagonists light up the stylish black & white art with their dialogue and human expressions, just like the clever splashes of colour to be found all around. All in all, I think it’s a fantastic new noir/political/thriller comic that actually made me sit up and take notice. Kudos to Ms. Fox, and I await the next serial with anticipation!

I just love how this scene is first time in TR that Dea doesn’t really look confident. He usually looks like he’s in control whatever’s happening, but now it’s like a bit of WTF mixed with “I know what I am doing… right?”

Glide is a cute genius who’s maybe a little crazy.

And Dea no have lunch money, so no point.

I 3> Glide.

Okay, now I know I like Glide. This now makes four characters I adore: Dea, Juniper, Serus, and Glide.

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