Ach! I hate that! XD I’m going along so well then I hit the latest page and I feel like a dog on a choke chain. But it’s a wonderful story and wonderful art, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, the splashes of color are absolutely endearing, full black and white or full color always have disadvantages of causing confusion between things in each scene, but the bits of color you have are a nice medium that is well appreciated.

I’m also curious as to whether or not there’s going to be an actual book of this available, it is something I would definitely buy to have that more in depth sense of reading. I always find it so much easier and rewarding to read things the old fashioned way. lol

Yep, it will be edited and self printed with some extras and all that good stuff. More info to come when the volume begins winding down.

heh, glide is just upstaging Dea like there’s no tommorrow. Seriously, this is awesome, but the interaction between these two characters is like in blackadder when flashheart walks in. You know Dea’s the main character and that he’s the most interesting (and that glide will probably get blown up) but somehow glide is just stealing all these scenes :)

Amazing comic btw, the colours are sending shivers right through me.

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