Hehehe i so love glide.
love your work.this is the best online comic i have EVER read.
glad i found it and happy that you take the time to bring this to us thank you.

I love the suspense buildup in this page Alice. You would expect such a small object to give off a more potent kaboom the way Glide pushed Dea through the door.

He was shielding him from the debris! And while “kaboom” didn’t quite fit with the sound they really make, they’re very loud buggers. ;)

It’s kind of ironic that at the moment I read this page, someone started setting off firecrackers and the like outside my building.

My dog is cowering under my desk now.

i absolutely ADORE this comic. the storyline, characters, dialougue. ALL OF IT

heh. with webcomics like this who needs TV?

I recently found this comic, and have already read through the archives three times. I must say, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely each and every time. ^_^
I’m actually having a hard time deciding which I like more, the comic itself or the conversations below it. Both routinely have me laughing so hard I can’t breathe, which kinda sucks because I have to do it quietly. Heh…
Anyway, fantastic work!

I also want to point out that Glide is exactly the type of character I like best. Insanely amusing and in love with making things go boom.

Alice, you have created a really outstanding comic. I love the characters (as we all do) but more than that, I love the fact that this story is already written, that it is building up to something, and that it will have an end. I love how it comes together.

A bit of constructive criticism: the fight scenes seem to run different to the story, like a bubble that doesn’t fit. As a man with long hair, I know from experience that fighting with it (training, I don’t go around fighting random people :P) is a real problem if it’s unbound. It WILL get in your face, and you WILL loose depth perception. That and a few moves (Dea punching Fairen solidly across an extended arm holding a gun. No one is that fast) really jar me out of the otherwise wonderful universe with a “huh?”. Dea seems like such a cold character. Exposing himself to danger with bat-moves also doesn’t seem to follow from the same guy.

As for keeping track of everything, I think it would help if you’d link to the glossary and the (way, way cool) character info thing. I like that the characters don’t slow down to let a reader catch up, but I also like to know the full significance of a sentence from one character to another, which is harder if the third character being spoken of is confused with 2 others, whose names have all only been mentioned once. Or the Suits’ internal organisation, which is tricky to fully glean. If something is common knowledge in the story, I like to know it. Both these resources are very good, but they are needed to catch the full weight of the dialog in my opinion.

Just my thoughts, and the first post in any web comic for me. Excellent comic. Loving every panel!

Thanks Mat!

I know my fight scenes are horrible and I’m going to attempt to revise them when I edit the old pages, but I can explain the Fairen scene away: Dea knows he would never shoot him. That may sound like a gamble but his greatest skill is being able to read people and Fairen isn’t the type who would ever get his own hands dirty. Deatoura was also acting on a lot of emotion he hadn’t dealt with for a while so I doubt he was thinking very rationally in the first place. He can and will make some big mistakes; only human and all that.

As for his hair…it is ALWAYS perfect. Never a strand out of place or in his eyes! How could you think such a thing? ;) Okay I can’t really excuse this. I guess I can only ask for some suspension of disbelief.

Oh man, I forgot I even had a glossary…

In thet what Pedes posted Dea looks like germany’s federal chancellor Angela Merkel!!! (yes, she is female)
I’ll never get that out of my head again, waaaaah!!!
*starts to cry*

btw.: I am long haired too and would totally sign what Mat brought up (and I did it too in an earlier post that I have made)

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