hahaha so fucking funny i fell of my chair laughing at this.i love Dea your art work is amassing.can not wait for the next page.

Dea immature? hahaha, love the page. Just cheers you right up! But now i beginning to see what kinda…delights… juni had with this one.^^

I just read the entirety of this webcomic so far in one go, and I have never been more impressed.
Sure, as some people have mentioned, the fight scenes are a tad unnatural, and could do with some work, but your art style is beautiful, and your characters so beliavable!
The black and white with splashes of colour really reminds me of Sin City, and I have to say, I totally love it. Adore it in fact XD also, Irish people are sexy.
But that’s besides the point. I think that your art style is stunning, something that’s only solidified by the fact that I’ve had to make some pathetic attempts at using only black and white in this way before, and have produced nothing short of a spectacular failiure.
The expressions and emotions are also portrayed perfectly, and the flow of your dialogue and page layout has made for some brilliant reading. The complexity of the story and the characters is also something that holds this webcomic above others I have read, and you’re not answering our questions or making things clear, which persoanlly, I really admire in a writer and love to read. Especially seeing as it’s done so well!
The begginning had me reading and not understanding so much who was who, and which sides people were on, but I easily settled into the swing of this, and have loved every minute.
The minor point that it’s filled with drop dead (haha literally…) gorgeous guys doesn’t bias my opinion at all…nooo….
I’m putting this in my firefox bookmarks for sure! Utterly brilliant work!

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