I hope Dea doesn’t die :D
But we shall see what we shall see. Can’t wait for more, now. And that profile of Dea is really gorgeous, I really love how you’re using a really bright acid green for his eyes, and yet it doesn’t look stupidly out of place.

wooo! 150! Congratulations! I’ve been reading 2R for a while now, but just haven’t commented yet *ashamed*. I love it. I’m not going to say anything about the art style because enough people have said things and I don’t think there’s anything I can add about that. But it’s amazing.
I love all of the characters and how much depth you’ve put into all of them.
I just reread all the archives and it all makes so much more sense now…little things that were mentioned way back at the beginning suddenly make sense and clarify what’s going on now. There were so many things I completely missed the first time I read it.
Also, I just discovered the glossary and it was amazingly helpful in understanding everything about their world and history and the politics of Haven. Between the glossary and rereading I finally feel like I understand what’s going on and what they’re saying. But the truly great thing about this comic is that even though I didn’t always understand what was going on, I still loved it, there’s always so much happening and I love the slow buildup of the plot and exposition of the characters.
But about this strip: Dea seems so pensive and solemn in that profile, it seems as though he knows he’s going to die. And I want Dea’s Venom jacket.
And–and Glide’s alfredo sauce! from page 145. Is he hoping to join Juni and Dea?! XD
And this is getting long so I’m going to stop. But *huggles Dea* I love him! And Juniper and Serus and Stray… *squee*

If Dea got a penny for each of those comments he’d be rich… i guess he just realized that wealth slipped through his fingers coz he looks like he is regretting something.

Gah! Darn it darn it darn it… Now I’ve read all the back strory and have to -WAIT-! *grumbles*

Fantastic comic, thuroughly enjoying it! *waits impatiently for next installment*

Alice, you should put those kind of useless factoids…. SOMEWHERE. Where desperate readers who read all of cast, glossary and whatever you’ve got here can find it!

I don’t really want anyone reading this stuff! But I have been considering expanding character profiles to reveal more backstory for characters not central in the prequel. I’d never get a chance to tell everything in story form.

well i for one would like reading THAT. Afterall things should be told and we are not just sticking around for Dea’s pretty eyes. (he has a great body too i am sure^^)

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