ka-BOOOOOOM! Now THAT was an Earth-Shattering ka-boom – just right along the lines of one that Marvin the Martian would approve. I love this guy- he’s so cheerfully destructive, and just adorable to boot … makes me want to hug him … Heh.

. . . I have decided I love Glide. (I apparently have a soft spot for mentally unstable people…>_>)

he’s speaking polish, counting 3,2,1. I’ve been reading this comic for months now and words cannot express how awesome it is. The art is of an amazing quality and the style you use is perfect for setting the tone and feel of the comic. And all of the guy characters are gorgeous. ^^ I love the storyline and plot, it reads like a John Le Carre spy novel, a murky plot that becomes clearer once the reader makes the right connections. It’s been so hard to find good spy novels or stories of any media that can pull that off, but this comic does it perfectly. I wish i could use black and white and negative spaces like alice does.

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