… wow, gee, I kinda feel sorry for the sweepers. There’s a large probability that they’re going to get their asses kicked by Dea…

Psst. I LOVE your comic. The art (and colouring), the gripping plot and dude, the CHARACTERS. In fact, I’m going to a upcoming comic convention as a Suit member. Do all the regular Suits wear the standard black tie?

AMAZING I just read it strait through xD
Best actiony webcomic Ive ever read.

I love how his hair kicks those red light’s asses ;D

I bounced here courtesy of MeiLin Miranda, and stayed because it’s just awesome! I just read from the beginning, and I’m loving it. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this. Most excellent.

:’( so gooood…

I would have so hoped that you started… years ago… just to have a few more pages to read.

I’m hooked…
If you ever publish, please send me an e-mail (maybe even to all readers who ever posted), I will pre-order ^^

thx for you superb work. And I love Dea’s shirt … well, especially the white designs on the sleeves

at first I thought Dea was a girl :D fun isn’t it ?

Hey, so I finally, after many technological tribulations, have a digital version of a piece for the contest, but I seem unable to find your email. How/where should I send it?

Incidentally, do you know of any way to make scanning watercolor a less painful ordeal?

OH MY GOD. I realize I’m leaving you random comments on random pages but OH MY GOD, I just made the connection between “Suits” and “Hearts/Spades/Clubs/Diamonds”. FUCKING SUITS ON A DECK OF CARDS. Goddamn, this comic just gained about twelve hundred awesome points.

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