nooooooooooo….that can’t be aaaaaaallll….
very engaging stuff miss Alice. beautiful art, well thought out plot with intriguing, relatable characters, and decent twists. You deserve a pat on the back. Or an abundance of cookies and peanut butter, which ever you prefer.
so much love for you

Jubulation! More 2R! I agree with Molly 100% Hope things are smoothing out in your life and that you will now be able to get back to 2R, something you obviously enjoy doing — the quality of the drawing/plot says plainly that you have a lot of love invested in it.

Maybe you’d prefer a tub of Haagen Dazs (Breakfast of Champions!) — ?

Woot! More 2R! *does Snoopy happy dance*

Whoa! Pastaroni!? Have you checked out all the fat and salt that stuff’s got in it? :o((

I think he thinks you are (or might be) too voluptuous.
even IF so I wouldnt care for that. *wants a date with this beautiful mind*

all this talking about food got me hungry :’( …

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