oooooh each time you put up a new page i feel like im going to burst from excitement.
the page is as beautiful as always.
yay first comment.

aah, just finished :( I’ll definately come back to this one to check for more updates. heh, i want to see nekytr! the promise of new characters is always good (especially as all the characters in this seem amazing).

DX I read too much manga… Read from LEFT to right, not vice-versa. Dea being a doctor would be awesome. There’d be some sexy check ups…

I bet there’d be quite a queue of people in front of his office with all kinds of “whole body sicknesses”
and his assistants would be like the high-priests of sexyness xD

something has changed in your comics lately…
*looks closer*

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.