It’s going to be really interesting to see what will happen next. Especially since we already know this is back story and how that story comes out. Interesting ploy to release all the prisoners with the idea of slipping away in all the confusion. Now,, which will win out?l Nekytr’s desire for freedom, or his hatred of Dea, and how is that dynamic going to play into all this?

BEHOLD mine yonder fellows I has read da archives in 3 hours… I am joyous JUBILATIONS^(O_o)^ HEE HEE 8D (I don’t jump off the walls I EAT them) *ahem* grand story though I find as with all good stories the archives don’t go on long enough and then Ihave to wait -sIgh- >P

hmm…I rekon Nekytr’s gonna end up going with Dea, I mean much as he hates the guy he has very few options at the point.

It’s the wide eyed girl in the background whose moves I am interesting. Nekytr and Dea’s dynamic is great but she’s just too much of a mystery to pass up…

oh yes, definately sarcastic. Can you imagine Dea saying ‘Sir’ in any other tone of voice?

I can only imagine Dea saying it mockingly. But then again, I do have a hard time thinking about him actually sucking up to any kind of authority.

And i love those facial expression!! It seems that even if his dear sister is partly responsible for his plight, Nekytr still seems concerned for her well being. Or he just can’t make up his mind if he is capable of hating Dea any more

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