Entertaining though it would be to watch Nektyr attempt to rip dea to shreds when the door opens, I think I’d prefer him to go through with the plan at the moment. Partially because we know dea survives this and I’ve only just met Nektyr and rather like him; don’t want him to die.

But he is going to go through with this. He’s got no choice.

no kidding? I finally reached the last page and are now up to date?
aweseome :)

I wonder how light/heavy that bag must be.
As she is holding it it must be as light as air. Or she has very strong hands and arms.
Coz usually when you grab something you surround it with your fingers and not only cover one half with your grip and then heave or drag it.

btw.: I like the fact that the charm is reflected in Nekytrs eyes

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