Mmm…First thing that popped in my head about this last pages was that the person that stole the bag was going to use it to negociate his/her way out of there with them.
And I also like how the …necklace(?) was reflected on Nektyr’s eyes.
I must say i seem to prefer the empy backgrounds black, oposed to the comon white. Makes me focus more on the characters and adds a misterious and dramatic atmosphere. Plus I’m a sucker for ilustrations with …solid black (not sure how to explain it…).

probably, yes ;)

in panel 1 and 2 the two of ‘em almost look alike Oo
excepting the hair and additional tatoo

Gawd I love this story! It’s freaking awesome! I do have to admit to loving Glide, he has such a happy distructive attitude that it’s just so adorable! I hope you update this soon! I love it to death!

Nektyr is my favorite character so far. But he might get beaten out by this Larch fellow…
such lovely artwork as well…

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.