I have just read this all the way through and I must say it is absoulotely(sp?) awesome. I love the style, the plotline and the megatons of mystery in the plot and the characters. It also very very pretty. Now I’m going to go and do what I hould have been doing for the past 3 hours instead of reading this comic.

Just recently found this comic and just caught up. It’s ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!
Love the comic as well as the comments from readers. After reading those the incredible HOT characters seem even HOTTER. (If that is even possible)
I’ll be checking for updates regurarly from now.

btw: when the book(s) come out, will it be possible to order them overseas? (Holland to be specific)

Just read this comic for the first time today, from the beginning (I read fast) and I really like it! The art is very good and I love the minimal colors. I have to say, I was sad that I caught up, because I wanted to keep on reading ^_~

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