hehe! Is he actually checking that something in his pocket is ok, or is it just gratuitous fan-patting :)

I do like the two-rooks abandoned-cover-design-turned-promo though. Partially because of the actually beauty of having the chess pieces there and partially because of dea’s wary-lazy look which is pretty :)

Woopsie! — Uh-oh, where’s Nekytr?

Don’t know why you abandoned that cover. The artwork is killer! I love the way Juniper is holding up the chess piece while Dea is lounging on it. Gives a clue as to how each deals with responsibility — hah! or doesn’t, in Dea’s case. Seriously, I want that sucker on my wall. nicely Framed and matted. . . .I will pay bucks to make this happen. . .HINT! HINT!

Gunnr: If you remember back in the last chapter Deatoura mentions he’ll be “in and out without a trace except for Nekytr’s cold corpse to be revived at a later date.” As cool as it would be to draw Nekytr and Dea escaping together (they’d keep trying to outdo each other with their parkour) that wouldn’t fall into place with Dea’s plans and Sevynn would serve little purpose! :P Also, that is Serus in the cover (Juniper is on the back cover).

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