Of course he helped, napping in a hammock is nigh impossible for the guy. :D

He seems like a good leader like that. Delegates tasks, then helps out to lessen the workload.

Hummm… Serus is going to be a hard one to drive away. If it is possible, anyway.

I think Dea is puting her peons in the right spot… but so do Serus. I love chess games, I will be charmed with this one.

Ok, ok, I’ve got to say it.

Dea and Serus in a room. Serus is sitting in a chair. Dea walks up and says “Why so SERUS??”

ok jokes over, you can go home now.

stonerhino, Alice even posted the link on her rant^^ but yeah it is glorious!!!

what made that ‘click’ sound??? click never sounds good…. and where did our lovely she-devil go?

Jessie- XD HA! Sorry… I am from Brazil, I dont mastered the ingrish yet… I understand fine, but I am poor in spelling and grammar…

Pardom for my foolishness.

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