Whoohoo! First post! So is there much more to this flashback? So does Dea get outa this mess? and How? and Yes, will we get any sex scene(s)? Inquiring minds want to know!

hah, wow this is an awesome place to end the chapter. i do love this page, the expressions are awesome; Dea is all ‘i am uncomfortable and in deep shit can we stop already’ and Serus is sort of ‘you blew stuff up and killed people and made my life harder why do i care again’.

As much as it feels like a betrayal of Dea i have kind of enjoyed seeing things more from Serus’s view in the last few pages of the chapter. Made him much more of an interesting person, and of course he’s technically the good guy…

*goes to see what the next chapter’s called*

Eeeeee cumbaia mah boi… I had foresaw that. The hair, the behavior, everything was so much Serus that it screamed in my poor mind.

I feel like Serus will bake a pie only for the sake of the joke, but I REALLY espect some sex scene… No, really… too much pretty guys and gals to let it slide…

…Or ever! Guys! There will be no* sex scenes in the main storyline. If you are waiting around for one you should probably go read another comic.

*I am still editing script but as of right now there is no place to tastefully fit it in.

Why does there even need to be a sex scene? If you really want one you could write or read (I’m sure there are some already) some fanfics with that material in them.

Dr. Ears I just want to see naked Serus :3

Don’t worry Alice, we will continue reading it even when there’s no sex scenes ;P Actually I never hoped that there will be some, but the talk of naked Serus with a pie…. 0o what am I saying? XP

(and here you hoped you’ll have some normal readers…)

i see, so after declaring that they might be no sex scene with your current planning (meaning we could maybe persuade a spin off from you Alice??? with the sex of course) most people voted for Servus baking pie. I must say, i approve of that^^

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