Wow, I am number one again. I think I simple WAIT this things to update then I come crawling to read. XD

The eyepatch is fake! It hides a mass-destruction device that he put in the place of his eye! ~Bavette’s foresight~ ON

My personal vote would have been that Eon is a Magnificant Bastard in the making :)

Strangly enough I am absurdly glad that the Medical bloke didn’t end up dead.

you surely mean ‘unnecessary’ no? Or maybe Dea’s mind just works on a whole different level. o.O What kinda level is it working on anyways? can it compete with Glide’s?

Only recently found this, read through it all in a weekend. Can I just say how much I worship what you’ve done here? Like everyone else has firmly established, the characters and plot, the coloring and design, etc. etc. are all wonderfully pitch-perfect. I am utterly in love.

i would very much like to poke the other eye…almost as much as i wanna lift the eyepatch and poke what ever is under there
the more tender the better

lovely page
the plot is thickening!
thickening i say!
if the plot were a soup it’d be a stew by now!

Thank you, Thank you, Alice, for doing what you do with such love and attention to every little detail — it shows! There is so much just plain dreck out there that tries to pass itself off as a webcomic. 2R just flat blows it out of the water. And thank you for the RSS feed. Yet another way you show your love for your fans. I LOVE THIS COMIC!

So publish something already so I can show my fan-i-tude by buying it!!

As for the plot thickening — it’s setting up like concrete!

gabehduh: the more comments I read from you the more I worry about you, dear.

And jeez…thanks so much guys. I finished my commissions yesterday so I can now really focus on getting 2R to print.

I’m yet another person who recently found this comic, and I can but join the horde of shrieking fangirls :D. Excellent story, wonderful art, lovely characters, what more could one wish for (timely updates, of course) :D.

A thought… Since I presume that the story shown is the story Dea tells Serus, can we really assume it is all true? Dea doesn’t strike me as a person who would tell the police everything after being caught, especially not if he really loves Juniper. And Dea is more or less framing him for aiding and abetting murder (and possibly high treason, or what they would call going for the president).

So… I see a few possibilities…
* The story we are told is in fact a lie.
* Dea has already succeeded so far as to make this information useless to the Keepers.
* It has been mentioned a few times that Deas main skill is in reading people, and also that Serus is a “good guy” (more or less). So the story is true (or at least true enough) and Dea is counting on Serus switching sides after hearing it.
* Dea isn’t as cool as he seems , and is actually ratting all his friends out.

I’m kinda hoping for alternative three :D. Your thoughts on this?

*glomps Eon*
Seriously, I saw the the first panel and squeed, because, guh, Eon! his first real appearance at last! I feel like it’s so weird that this is actually the first real time that we’ve seen him.
I only wish Mr. Skippy could be there…*sniff*
And also, I love that he’s Canadian, although I’m probably biased *proudly Canadian*.

to alice:…well i really hope its an amused worry and not an upset worry
cuz if its an upset worry then you’d be on the list including my family, friends….scholastic advisors

ooh dear its becoming a very long list indeed


… 8]

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