You’re going to have to do something awesome with Dea after this because I am starting to love Serus here. :)

I’m starting to look forward to interaction between the two of them *after* the flashback as well. Can we say Foe Yay? (we can always say foe yay :p)

oooh i just got total whip lash from edens BURN there

the lighting/dark room affect looks especially intense on this page
its looks WONDERFUL!

haha btw in your
picture/VOTE FOR ME!

it’d totally be funny if thats how things really go down
it’d be like

*blink blink* “are. You. SERIOUS?” *applauds slowly*
aha ha…ha you got us there alice
you got us there

haha this doesnt even make sense

Ah! Finally reached the most recent page! *is out of breath*

Omigawd. So many sexy menz… too bad they’re most likely gay (although Dea and Juni are for sure– dammit). Such is the story of my life.

Anywho, lovely art, I love Dea’s hair (used to have hair like that, but now it’s really short) and all the other little color splashes, it is refreshing to not be bombarded with color at every turn nor be starved for it. Love your style…

Will someone hand me a tissue? I think I’m done brown-nosing for now ^^

Awwnn I wasnt the first this time… T_T I was at work. Well, I will quit to be able to be the first next time. *psycho happy stare* he.. hehe… hehehe~

Keep the good work gal! I will try to keep on watch… always watching you… always waiting…… always.

Heh~ Love to be creepy…

Lock: Canonically only Juniper and Deatoura are gay. Everyone else is either straight, bisexual or (in one case) asexual. Shippers can speculate and dream all they want, though. :}

So I found this today through one of the many webcomic ranking pages, and I’d just like to say that I love your artwork. I’m a huge fan of anyone who can pull off monochrome so well, and the splashes of colour work wonderfully to pull the eye where it’s needed. Your writing is also superb, and I hope there’ll be plenty more to read in the future.

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