I think Uena is probably good for Dea :) Also, speaking as someone wo knows someone who does, I’m wondering if she has poorer vision or something in the eye the hair covers…

I also have a friend with the “bad vision in one eye which is blotted out by hair” style – I thought the same thing :D

I really just want to know more about Uena. She’s awesome.

Cof Cof… I am sick for the past few days, and I really shouldnt be here. :P
But I was urching for read some comics and yours was in the top 10 list… hehehe

Thank you very much for intertaining this fool guy who I am.
To Alice, from the Tea Pot.

Heyo, I know this page is from awhile ago, but I figured that I’d point this out… And I’m not sure if it’s sposed to be there, but Dea says necesssary. With three s’s.
Beyond that, I love your comic… This is at least the third time I’ve read it. :P

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