First comment??? Whoot!? I can identify with dandelion hair. like that the goatee and the sidies are a different color than the rest of his hair.

Eeegad I love sideburns *snort* Ritz ya just kick ass. I love the expression on his face while poor Dea is holdin back the cheese.

Heh, I am a litle… wizardy today. Not the Harry Potter Wizard kind, the Salvatore and Tolkien Wizard kind.

My blood burn with antecipation, and I can’t stop making referenses to your comic. My friends will start to notice that some of my characters do have a lot of Dea and Serus. XD

Heh, don’t care, thought. Normal people became gods when you belive so, if I belive hard and inspire my work on yours, maybe you can become a Draw God like McCloud and Frank Miller. That would be interesting, Alice. Maybe if I pray to you when this day come, you will conceive some divine magic to me… heh.

“No wonder women love blowing me so much.” LOlZ I love it. I only wish I could find more opportunities for my characters to be so filthy.

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