Oh my god! Is it bad that I am looking forward to the next page with such anticipation. Took me a couple of seconds to work out we’d left flashback land but it is actually really nice to see Dea and Serus interacting.

I’m not sure if I said it already but congrats on getting Volume one finished!

It really is a good feeling to finish off your first volume. I think I did mine just over a year ago. Who’s your printer? I would like to know who’d be willing to perfect bind 180+ pages in color.

Actually it feels like stabbing myself in the neck. I’ll never be truly done and I keep modifying files and after this I’ll have to ship them and aghhhhhh. I’m using Ka-Blam since I’ve heard they’re pretty good for POD and were the cheapest of my options. They’ll print up to 800 pages perfect bound which is pretty awesome.

For any serious projects, though, I’ll probably use a local printer. I was nervous about buying in bulk when I have no idea how many copies I’ll sell.

HAHAHAHA! DUDE! I love Dea! “Continue” “Make me” ahaahhaahahahha

I wonder if Serus is going to kick, punch or kiss hin. Really, every page is a surprise!

Well, I will buy one when it happens.

Also! For a second, I thought that was Serus’ belt… evidently I was mistaken.

Ka-Blam, you say? Hmmm. I’ve had experience working with them before and since they were understaffed at the time, they weren’t too quick on returning my emails or delivering my order on time. Given that a year has gone by since I’ve last dealt with them, I’d like to assume things have gotten better. Just be mindful of their customer service.

If you’re looking for an alternative color printer, I use something called CreateSpace (a subsidiary of Amazon). True, their ridiculous file constraints forced me to cut my Volume 1 in half, but they do a damn fine print job and their customer service is top notch.

I don’t have time constraints so that’s not really a problem. I expected waiting for a month or two anyway. You get what you pay for and I’m too damn cheap to pay much. Maybe I’ll try out CreateSpace in the future. Thanks for passing them along!

It looks like a kind of visor phone gizmo thingie, which could be cool.

Uh-oh, looks somebody is about to get slap-unhappy. . .

I just read all of the pages! I love your art and Your comic is a new favorite! So, I can’t wait for the next page!

Y’know, looking at Dea’s face in the last panel makes me almost certain of what he meant by “I’m going down.” I realllly hope I’m right, but the suspicious plot-nazi in my brain is refusing to make bets; your beautiful scripting never ceases to surprise me.

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