I never think of myself as particulary susceptible to cuteness, but all I can do looking at this page is grin sillily and go, “AWWWWWW <33″
I love it. ^^ I never imagined Serus as being so good with kids; he just gets more and more adorable. Wonder what Dea’s up to, spying like that…

Oh, and since I’ve never commented before (even though I’ve been reading for a pretty long time), I should mention that I read a LOT of webcomics, and this is easily one of my very favorites. The art, story, and characters are all awesome. Keep up the good work. <3

This page just totally revamped my entire view of Serus, I don’t think it’s possible for me to dislike him now (not that I did before). How adorable can you be, really?

I love the way the little kid is holding onto Serus’s hair in the second frame. Is Dea just the tiniest bit jealous that Serus is made more welcome than he was?

aww poor dea, of course he’s jealous. it’s pages like this which really remind me that technically serus is the good guy.

the expressions are all just priceless :)

Dea is probably not as jealous as he is horribly confused! ;}

I’m glad you guys are receptive to this scene. I was pretty nervous about how it would be received but there was no way around it. Serus is definitely the closest thing you can get to “good guy” in this story.

Hey, I’m another one of the “Just read through the archives and Holy F*ck this comic is brilliant” people, and, uh…Holy F*ck this comic is brilliant.
There’s so much to talk about, from the artwork to the color to the humor to the suspense to the everything, but I just wanted to let you know that this is probably my favorite comic on the internet right now (and that’s saying a lot, considering I read over 50 daily (shut up I have a life) and have never commented on any of them).
I think what I like most of all is your comments: you come across as very accessible, someone I’d love to have as a friend, but also very much in control of your story; no gratuitous pairings, nothing ever out-of-character, etc.
Pretty much, you’re awesome, and keep updating, and I think I might buy a book just so I can flip back and forth to figure stuff out, and I wish you updated more often because I am DYING for another update over here and I just finished the archives five minutes ago.
Off to re-read the archives and maybe understand a bit more!
P.S. I’m a gay man and I want to marry Uena based on the AAC question. Does that count?
P.P.S. Will we ever see more of Glide?

Why I do believe I’m blushing! Many thanks.

P.S. Everyone should want to marry Uena.
P.P.S. Perhaps… He’ll get his own 16 page one-shot at some point regardless.

There seems to be an aloness to Dea in this page, for lack of a better way to put it. By his own hand, by fate, by twists of history he has distanced himself from almost everyone who was important to him. There is Serus, who at this moment is surrounded by and connecting with a family he chose. The contrast is beautiful.
What Lab Rat and Gunnr saw as jealousy, I looked at and saw as longing (no, not for Serus, but for the relationship Serus has with these kids).
Guess it just goes to show that the characters have the real life complexity and depth that we all can look at them and wonder – what really are the thoughts and emotions going on behind the faces they present to the world? Then come to different conclusions.

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