My love for Serus is growing exponentially. Also, wtf irony at this whole “Who’s on the stoop?” “Not my problem.” thing.

Wow. Serus is really a caring nice guy…
I thought he was more business-like. Heh Twists… making a comic of our lives and our a bible of our comics.

Serus…is sooo cute in panel 4. He looks all tired and adorable.

Yes, Serus, who IS on the stoop…definitely not anyone of importance…

I don’t know how Serus will ever top being so cute as he is in this page. PANEL 2 AND 4 are just..SO DAMNED CUTE IT IS LIKE..HOW. HOW CAN HE TOP IT!?

Drat, all caught up and now there’s no more, now I have to wait for updates >_<

Great story, adding it to my RSS :) Thanks for a beautiful comic and story!

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