Man, Serus, that bites. I’d give you a hug if I could.

Um, dare I suggest finding a new line of work? One that doesn’t crush your every moral fiber? Vigilantism is a favorite, as are civil engineering and MSF fieldwork.

I noticed that, too, Pedes, but I just figured Serus was just having one of those “I’m so frustrated that I can’t even articulate it” sorts of days. I get those whenever paper/exam season rolls around, and he’s got more troubling concerns than mine. Poor dude.

Heyyy… I just tried to buy the book, and after entering all the information I clicked on ‘manual payment’ cause I thought that’s where you could enter credit card info and such… Just wondering, would it be a bother if I went ahead and ordered it again? (It’s inconvenient to do the whole check thing…) Or would that mess up your system and thingy?

P.S. : Your comic is the awesomest – the art, the story, everything. It’s a breath of fresh air after so many comics that are pretty much all the same. I couldn’t help it and started drawing the characters from my story in ’2R Style’. It wouldn’t have been so irresistible if two of them weren’t redheads. :) If you’d like, I could show you, when I’m done,

When do the ‘Ask a Character’ comics come out? I’ve read them all already! I neeeeed moooore…. O_X

*sigh* Done rereading. Awesomesauce. A few funny details clicked this time.

…*sidles up to Serus and pets*

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