Awwwr. I totally second. Quiiiitttt that stupid job, Serus. Or at least take an extended extended vacation. The dark circles beneath your eyes getting deep enough to resemble the Panama canal.

Let’s see – if Dea was one of her kids when he was a teenager, that would mean that Lelle has been doing this job for a while. A rough job that is not in the least valued by their society as a whole, no matter how rewarding it may be spiritually. Yeah, I could see the appeal of having someone to share that responsibility and burden with, and Serus seems like the kind of guy that can be trusted with the lives and spirits of abandoned or bereft children. Not to mention protection for her children in a very rough part of town.
Too bad he feels like he can’t put down his own responsibilities to share hers. He’d probably be just at good at raising waifs as he is at his own job.

ack Serus, this is why you never let your job get more important that your life. *sigh* Even though your job is very important and you’re probably one of the few non-corrupt people left around.

It makes me wonder the extremity of Lelle and Serus’ relationship. I don’t want to make any assumptions, but they’re obviously trust each other pretty well for Serus to constantly go down and see the orphans and their “mother” (or big sister)…

I took a break from reading this comic, and now I’m finally caught up! Yay!

It’s truly amazing, one of my all time favorites.


I love both the art of this strip plus the fact that we are getting to see a softer more caring side of Serus, the fact that the characters of this have so many different sides to them makes this one of my most favorite comics to read.

I just discovered this yesterday and I’m so delighted that I did. This is quite fun~

c: The art style is just fantastic and I enjoy the myriad of minor characters as much as the unfolding complexity of the mains.

I gotta say that there’s something about a man that puts obligation to what he believes in above his true nature… but then serrus seems to have a few different kinds of ways to show who he is…

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