Oho, now I’m intrigued. How does Serus figure in Dea’s plan anyway? Why did Lelle slip him that note? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out….*camps on your doorstep*

I hope you’re feeling better soon. *whining for more comic but willing to wait for it* XD

Cayra, it looks to me like the note was left on the seat of his motorcycle, presumably by Dea, and not slipped to him by Lelle. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I got, anyway.

The Serus-Lelle hug is so cute. Awwww, Serus.

Wow, I just caught up on this comic (I was trying to follow the April Fools links and kinda got stopped here. The trail ended! T_T) Anyway… this comic is AMAZING! Serus and Dea = major luff. I’m so hooked now, I totally have to stay around. Keep up the amazing work!

GAH! I’ve reached the end D: Now I have to wait for regular updates – and I’m so curious as to what happens next!

Well, consider yourself +1 fan – excellent…everything. Can’t wait for the next page :D

Ouch! Massive sympathy for your dentist problems and things. It sounds like a nightmare (you see this is why i friggen love the NHS…). hope things get in some way better soon anyways.

These last few comics have been awesome though, definately made me think more about Serus, (as someone other than ‘deas enemy’ anyway). GAH I love your characters :D

I just randomly had a dream the other night where Dea had stolen a small aircraft and was making away with it somewhere. It was really cool, and then the wing broke, and he had to fix it in some ingenious way. I think there was someone else in the plane with him… and then there were people from Cyl coming after him… and then I woke up.

It was neat though. And odd, since I’d actually not looked here in a week or so. I guess they don’t really have aircraft in 2R-world.

Thought I’d mention it anyhoo. I don’t often get those dreams, with characters from books or movies, so it shows how much impact your comic had on me.

Inkblot: Aircrafts totally exist, there’s a hangar above Haven actually…and aviation runs in Serus’ family.

Sorry for delays guys. Things aren’t really improving with my mouth, I’ve been in and out of emergency clinics and will see my ortho today (I hope).

Which leads to another question that’s been in my mind for a while – Haven is all enclosed, right? Like under a giant dome or something? (I’m sure the answer is obvious to see in a prominent location and soon I will feel silly.)

Hope you get better soon, that sounds pretty dire. Being sick is the poopiest thing. Speaking of which… I’m sure in the state you’re in checking e-mail isn’t a priority, but do you know if you got my e-mail (from this address)? It has a piece of fan art and with any luck it might cheer you up a little. :)

Turns out I have to wait another week. Thank you scheduling errors. If I don’t have a page by then I will be a sad Alice.

Inkblot: That’s correct, it’s pretty deep underground within a dome. I’ll double check my spam filter for that e-mail, sorry if it got caught. An early thank you!

Owwwwwwch! Spacers suck. I had a perfect mouth until one of my canines turned out to be impacted…and that was followed by spacers and two years of orthodontists screwing up my mouth, so I really feel for you. On the bright side, it’s an excellent excuse to eat nothing but gelato for the next month or so.

On a non-dental tack, I know people are set on a Serus & Eon duo, but can Serus please be straight? Please-merci-bitte schön-onegai dekinai desyoo-prosim?

I wouldn’t normally confirm or deny a pairing but I can promise you that Serus x Eon will never happen canonically. I enjoy all the silly fanart (of any couple) but…no. Whether or not something happened is ambiguous and even if I wanted them to hook up (I don’t) there wouldn’t be room for it!

You’re lying! ALICE QUIT LYING. You do want them to hook up and they are in secret love. ;3; Why are you so hateful to me? *Sob* I guess I’ll never write/draw them again ;3; IF THEY ARE NOT REAL TO YOU. *cries in a corner* What does Rhan have against gay sexy men? Honestly, Serus is a great gay man “if” he is one. He’s silent and smart and thoughtful and not in any way stereotypically written (i.e flamboyant, cares about his appearance, oversexed, etc).

Also, Alice why is your comment titled “12.1″? wTFUDGE.

Aw, thanks. And Jessie, I’ve got nothing against sexy gay men, I mean, Deatoura and Juniper rock. It’s mostly that I’d hate to see a nice guy like Serus end up with a narcissistic fascist prat like Eon. Plus, the girls in this comic could use some love :)

Oh Rhan-don’t worry. I was just overreacting from all the crazy lies going on in here! I’m quite sure you have nothing against gay men sexy or not XD I just honestly can’t picture Serus with a woman..Even a good one. The ladies DO need love. I’m still waiting for a strapping lad to come and sweep Lelle off her tired feet! aww… *must resist creating another character for the 2R universe. :|*

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