Wow, I have to admit that I like the colour in today’s page! I’m also interested in seeing how this little meeting between Dea and Serus turns out!

oh WOWs, that lighting is very atmospheric… for some reason I am nosily intreguid by the conversation going on in the background between ginger dude and ponytail girl :)

oooh, alice, sorry if this is really awkward but I recently gained unexpected moneys: is it too late to request a sketch in the front of my book? Or would that be too awkward to organise payment, etc, for. :D

The first panel is perfect in so many ways. I love Dea right there – he just exudes awesome.

Hooray for more Dea and Serus interactions. They’re too much fun together :D

Alice, I love your work and I love your art style and as soon as I get my paycheck I am going to pre-order the fancy colour book with the fancy sketch.

(Also, I am trying to improve my drawing skills and now that effort includes trying to draw Dea and Juni and Serus – among others – so…I hope you don’t mind that I borrow your style for my doodles?)

I’m loving the green, Dea’s expression on the first panel and the ladies expression on the third. :) Also, when exactly, if you can say, will the books ordered start being shipped? Because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to buy one and I don’t want to miss it. Thanks!

May is as specific as I can be. No later than that. I’ll make an announcement when they arrive and when they ship, but since it’s POD I’ll never really run out. No rush on actually buying one. :}

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