OMG Deatoura you are so gorgeously arrogant.

Also i am totally willing to bet that a tiny part of him is flirting here. xD but wow, and Serus is just totally cool and dignified about it as always.

I love the interaction between these two, it works so well.

I’m… Addicted.

I hope that you can excuse my bad English (I’m Brazillian so English is not my first language), but let me say a few things, please.

I’m reading this story for the past few days. Not that I’m a slow reader (quite de opposite), but when I started it I had the distinctive feeling that I would be better to slow down I give it the proper attention . I was under the impression that I could but should not hurry up my reading. I was right.

It’s a amazing story. Really, I’m surprised. Your artwork got me first, but when I start reading I thought that it would not be that good. I mean, after some really bad experiences with some other stories, I was a bit weary that this one would leave me with that bad taste of ‘what the hell, it was going so well, why he/she did it?’. I didn’t. At all. It kept me interested, curious. Thinking. And you have no idead how much I missed a story that actually can make me think, if nothing else, in the story itself. When yours kept me thinking not only in the main plot, but in the characters, their motivations, what’s comming and what was left behind. It made me like the characters and smile when they’re not predictable.

I’m pretty much in love with your story.

Said that, you ahve such a amazing artwork, the color thing and the lineart, the shadow play… Everything blends so nicely with the story that I can say that it doesn’t outstand the story, but makes it even more interesting. And that’s amazing, you know? You do have a nice art, but you actually have a even better story behind it – it’s not something that you keep reading just because it’s pretty, but because it has interesting content. Have I told you that I’m in love with it? You did a amazing job, congratulations.

I hope that this blabbering was at very least a bit understandable and I’m sorry if it wasn’t (at least I tried… =_=)

I’ve followed for awhile, prolly commented a longish time ago… But I just noticed (I’m slow, you see) that Aeradout is an anagram of Deatoura. Or is that my imagination?
You’ve prolly all noticed that, but hey. It made me curious.
Also, Two Rooks is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever looked at, let alone followed, in pretty much every way possible, art, story, characters… I love it.
Kudos, and I tip my hat to you.

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