I think this is my second comment or so…

Anyway, this is a great comic! I love the art, it really is amazing. And Dea is one of my favorite characters (pretty good for someone obsessed with Elves. XD).

And Dea! That was not nice, stealing his… sweet bars or whatever they were.

Ahahahaha, DEA!!! XD Oh I want to see Serus’ expression when he notices Dea nicked te sweets!!!

Hi! :D Um…I just ordered the book with the sketch….but I didn’t get to chose a sketch D: (the Google thing was being weird…I don’t know) is there an email I can reach you at to send my request, Alice?

Thank you!! I can’t wait to get the book ^^

LOL aww poor Serus – Dea stole his goodies XD

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